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Types of microscopes

Microscopes are the important scientific instruments used mainly by the biologists and researchers. Depending on the specifications and methods of use, the microscopes are classified into four categories. These different types of microscopes are

Compound Microscopes: These microscopes are mainly light illuminated and the image produced by them is two dimensional. The compound microscope is the most commonly used microscope and it is powerful enough so that the user can view cells, even the living ones. The magnification of this microscope is high but the resolution is quite low.

Dissection Microscopes: like the compound microscope is also light illuminated. However, it produces a three dimensional image and is commonly used for dissection of large specimen. Compared to the compound microscope, it has low magnification.

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM): uses an electron illumination and produces a three dimensional image. This is an expensive microscope which has high magnification and resolution. It ca take black and white pictures of the specimen.

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM): like the above is also electron illuminated but provides the user with a two dimensional view. This microscope comes with high magnification and resolution.