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Compound microscope

Microscopes are popular scientific instruments that are widely used as a part of studies as well as in research work in medical laboratories and micro technologies. There are different types of microscopes that are designed for different uses. The differentiating factors are resolution, magnification, field of view, illumination method, degree of automation, and type of image they produce. Of course, the microscopes are selected based on the application needs, the most commonly found one is the compound microscope.

The Compound microscopes are light illuminated and the image produced by them is two dimensional. The compound microscope is the most commonly used microscope and it is powerful enough so that the user can view cells, even the living ones.

The magnification of this microscope is high but the resolution is quite low. There are various applications of the compound microscopes. These are also economical compared to the SEM or TEM microscopes. The compound microscope is a simple tool that uses a series of magnifying lenses and mirrors to bring the image up to an eyepiece. The compound microscopes use an ambient light from the sun or from a light bulb to illuminate a specimen.